Feb 1, 2013: Love Month Has Officially Started!

Love Month Has Officially Started! Which means I get to love myself EVEN MORE! That is to focus more on my health, fitness and “bankability” as a person.

It also means that I have to eat more food so I can gain more weight to balance out my non-stop sweating from my Bikram Yoga classes. My current weight goal is to reach 105lbs in a month. That’s going to be a tough challenge  given my high metabolism and twice a week yoga classes.

You can’t imagine how excited I am to start my make-up reviews. I have no idea how to start every time I see the pile that needs to be reviewed. Oh well, I’ll take it one lipstick at a time I guess…

I am also going to mark this day as the official opening day of my blog. Now that’s a date that’s easy to remember. I wonder how this blog will look like after one year. I sure hope I get to update this regularly.

For now, I gotta go downstairs and continue baking my oh so yummy healthy brownies. Yes I bake a lot too. =)

Love, Kat 🙂